almost 7 years ago

It's always be an exciting memont when you get latest update of your operating system.
But after upgraded to 10.11 EI Capitan, I faced BBLink can't work issues and finally overcame it.

Now, it's time for Sierra....

When I plug my BB10 devices to mac which runs on 10.12 Sierra,
It shows up a dialog I never seen before...

You can still use your BlackBerry Link but DO NOT close the dialog, it will force your device disconnect from BBLink and mount a dmg call "BlackBerry CD".

Nothing will change even you install the driver inside the dmg.

Finally I found a word from BlackBerry's website.

Please note: macOS Sierra is not supported.

NOT Supported, not NOT YET Supported.

I'm going to rollback my system to 10.11 and hope someday BlackBerry will release an update for us, for those who still need BlackBerry Link on their latest macs.

Oh, forgot one thing...

BlackBerry Blend can't run on Sierra either, and NO MORE update for this dead application.

over 7 years ago

After BlackBerry released their first Android POWERED device -- PRIV
BlackBerry also released a PRIV skin for the Android emulator.

Since I am not a BB10 developer but also a Android devloper, it's time to go step by step for how to create the PRIV emulator!

  1. Download PRIV Skin from link below

  2. Extract the folder to \platforms\android-xx\skins

  3. On the Android Studio toolbar, click AVD Manager.
    Click + Create Virtual Device > Import Hardware Profiles.
    Import \platforms\andriod-xx\skins\PRIV\device.xml, where xx is the platform version.
    Confirm that the new device "PRIV" appears in the devices list. Press the Refresh button to refresh the list for PRIV to appear. It might be necessary to close Select Hardware (cancel), and click Create Virtual Device again in order to refresh the list.
    Select PRIV and then click Next.

Warning, I use Android Studio 1.5 and success. But in Android 2.0 I can't get the correct dpi and correct device skin.. Just for your reference, I will try after 2.0 version exit preview stage.

Now, you can check the PRIV emulator!


over 7 years ago

In C++, need to import LIBS += -lbbsystem

QString text;
bb::system::Clipboard clipboard;
QByteArray byte;
byte = text.toLocal8Bit();

Remember, the Clipboard need insert QByteArray type.
We can define the String as QByteArray in order to use the Clipboard.
If you need to use some special characters, don't forget to use this line

byte = text.toLocal8Bit();

Here is the official API reference :)

over 7 years ago



  1. Add bb.multimedia 1.0 in qml file.

  2. Create a MediaPlayer Object.

  3. Set path of file for MediaPlayer. (Need permission for access_shared)

  4. Call the play() function of MediaPlayer. (Need permission Run when background if you want to play music in background).

BlackBerry 10 can support file format below:
AAC: audio/aac, audio/x-aac
AMR: audio/amr, audio/x-amr
FLAC: audio/flac
M4A: audio/m4a, audio/mp4
MIDI: audio/midi, audio/mid, audio/x-midi, audio/x-mid
MKA: audio/x-matroska
MP3: audio/mp3
OGG: audio/ogg
QCP: audio/x-gsm
SPMID: audio/spmid
WAV: audio/wav, audio/x-wav
WMA: audio/x-ms-wma

almost 8 years ago

Sometimes we may need to change the brightness of screen in code.
How to make it happen?
Using the QProcess can help you to do that!

QString program = "bkltctl";
QProcess myProcess = new QProcess(this);
QStringList arguments;
arguments << "brightness" << "set_brightness" << "display" << "50"; (50 is the value you want).
myProcess->start(program, arguments);

PS. You may need to connect SINGAL readyReadStandardError(), readyReadStandardOutput() and finished(int, QProcess::ExitStatus) in order to get the output error or result. :)

Enjoy it!

almost 8 years ago

Sometimes we need to keep our app always awake (not dim due to the Screen timeout).

How to make this happen?
The answer is ver simple :D
Jusy put the code into your QML file

Application.mainWindow.screenIdleMode = 1

(1 means KeepAwake, and 0 means Default).

Please be careful, this effect only works when the app is in full screen mode
Once you minimize the app (in Active Frame mode), the screen will still follow the screen timeout rule to dim.

Hope you enjoy this trick!


almost 8 years ago

Last Friday I updated my iMac to Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), a nightmare for my whole weekend..

After upgraded, BlackBerry Link no longer recognize my BlackBerry 10 devices.
From Dev Alpha B to Passport.. Just keep showing "Can't connect to your BlackBerry 10 device, press restore.." etc

And then I tried to open my Momentics IDE...

What the....

I think the problem may be the USB driver or connection.
So I did some test.

  1. Reinstall Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

    Still has the same problem.

  2. Uninstall BlackBerry Link & Blend and reinstall them

    Still has the same problem.

  3. Only install BlackBerry Link

    Oh my God, it works!!

  4. I did more test, but in those tests, once you install BlackBerry Link first and then install the BlackBerry Blend, the connections will all fine!

  5. If you don't need BlackBerry Link, simply uninstall it and just use your Momentics for connecting your BB10 device to debug is also a solution.

    (But for me, I still need Link for backup/restore and Blend to type in Chinese... Can someone tell me why BlackBerry remove the Zhuyin input method on Passport!!)

Just a simple tips and work around for you guys may occur!

Happy Coding!

about 8 years ago

Debug BB10 Headless Apps is really a hard topic for developers.
Before the latest Momentics update, debug is even harder..

By Momentics 2.1.2, developers can follow this instruction to debug your headless apps.

Here I am going to share my experience for debugging headless apps.
I put the logs into notification and show them in Hub!
If you have some problems on debugging headless apps on BlackBerry 10, maybe this trick can help you and save lots of time! :)

GOGOGO, keep developing on BlackBerry 10!

almost 9 years ago

Just got the new BlackBerry Passport from BlackBerry Elite Program!

Let's see how beautiful it is!

My Fedex package :D

The front of BlackBerry Passport Box

BlackBerry Passport unboxing 1

BlackBerry Passport unboxing 2

BlackBerry Passport unboxing 3

BlackBerry Passport unboxing 4

BlackBerry Passport unboxing 5

BlackBerry Passport unboxing 6

Amazing!! It will be my best productive tool!

BBEliteWin #BBElite #BlackBerry #BlackBerryPassport #BeProductive

about 9 years ago

Since Line is the most popular IM apps in Asia, let's see how Line works..
The problem is .... I can't type any English words in Line on my Passport!!

After upgrade to 10.3, all my English typing in Line will be changed to Capital forcely..
The only way to solve is to turned off the "Auto-Capialize" Setting here

Settings - Language and Input - Prediction and Correction

BUT!! Even I turn it off on my Passport, typing English in Line still has a problem
Check this video...

You can find that it showed only ONE alphabet no matter how many you typed...
Super wired... :(
Seems like a bug only for Line, I didn't meet this problem on other Android apps.

Wait and see if this will be solved in the future..

  • Update : Some users reported if use lower Line Version such as 3.8.8, it will work fine.
  • Update : Only Line has this issue.
  • Update : Using an Android keyboard is another way.. But I want to use BlackBerry Keyboard!