over 8 years ago

I got the new BlackBerry Passport the day after it released.
I really love it! With extremely great keyboard and wide screen, plus a long battery life...
Just can't go back to my Z30 anymore :P

Here are some nice photos I took this weekend.. Let's see how nice the Passport can be!

over 8 years ago

I love to code in Cascades, QML and C++ provide me many kinds of abilities to build my app!

QML really help me a lot, and the javascript based function also let me create my functions much more easier.

Yesterday one of my friend told me he felt frustrated in developing Cascades.
He just want to make a simple app: A button, click and show a dialog! in C++
After creating the QML components, he always got build error in C++...

This is really a simple project, but I think many developers may encounter this problem as well.

Basially I'd like to do all the things in QML since it is very easy to handle all the signals there...

I provided a sample on Github, you can try it if you are interesting about the topic.


In the sample you can learn how to make it happen in pure C++, hybrid with C++ & QML, and also the simplest way... pure QML

Be careful! Don't forget to include necessary headers and remember to add LIBS += -lbbsystem in your .pro file!

Hope this can you developers to understand how it works!


over 8 years ago

I write many android apps and want to bring them into BlackBerry World, how can I do it?
Basically I don't like to use the integrated tools in eclipse... so I decide to use commandline tool!

1. Download BlackBerry Tools for Android Development 2.0.4

For mac


For Windows


For Linux


The blackberry-apkpackager is located at BlackBerry_Tools_for_Android_Development-2.0.4/bin

2. Using blackberry-apkpackager to repackage APK fils to BAR files.

Orginal : The folder with APK files
Repacked : The fold with converted bar files.

imactekiiMac:~ imac$ blackberry-apkpackager Orginal -t Repacked

3. Using batchbar-signer to sign BAR fils..

imactekiiMac:~ imac$ batchbar-signer Repacked author.p12 passwd passwd

Very useful tools, enjoy!!


over 8 years ago

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Amazon AppStore last month.

User who developed Android Apps and now upload to Amazon AppStore!

Let's follow the steps bellow to uplaod your apps to Amazon AppStore!

I like to Start from Testing Service, to make sure that my app doesn't have any problem on Amazon AppStore

After testing, you can simply submit your apps to Amazon Store

Login first

Fill In General Information

General Information Finished

Fill In Available Pricing

Available Pricing Finished

Fill In Description

Description Finished

Fill In Images & Multimedia

Images & Multimedia Finished

Fill In Content Rating _1

Fill In Content Rating _2

Content Rating Finished

Fill In BinaryFiles _1

Fill In BinaryFiles _2

BinaryFiles Finished _1

BinaryFiles Finished _2

App Submission Finished

Now you can wait for the approval and let others know your app links on Amazon AppStore!!


over 8 years ago

As a developer, I think many other developers may think how to teach users to use my application
We provide screenshots of the apps when we upload to any app markets, some devs will also record a video to tell users who to operate.

The most common way is to put a "Guide Page" inside the app, not just "Tips", but a continuous information to let user understand the major features.

There are three kinds of implementations here.

1. Use a scrollview with a super large image


You can simply scroll from left to right, put a button at the last page to close this Guide Page.


The image may be too large, and hard to change / modify parts.

2. Use a scrollview with several images


You can simply scroll from left to right, put a button at the last page to close this Guide Page, can change parts easier than first method.


Still hard to change / modify parts.

3. Use a scrollview with custom containers


Custom containers are much more flexible


I don't know, haha!

Here are the sample from Github

For Cascades 10.1 /10.2 SDK


For Cascades 10.3 SDK


In AppGuidePageDesignUnit project, I rewrite the project with design unit to support even Q30 (Passport), not just pixel related.
If you also want to learn use design unit, you can also check this project :D

If you have any problem, just send me a mail!

Hope you will enjoy the sample!


over 8 years ago

I used the old BlackBerry Vendor Portal for almost 2.5 years ago...
Few weeks ago, i joined the beta test of the New BlackBerry Vendor Portal, it is really awesome!!

Let's check what's new in the portal!


1. Welcome Page

2. Login Page

3. Show your products! Really Nice, now you can simply check your downloads per day :DDD

4. Search function here is also very cool! Easy for developers to find what they want

5. Please the release button to update your apps!

6. Click on "New Release" and all you need is to drag the bar file to the area

7. Select support devices and min OS. Easier here, in the old vendor portal, the selection will be changed in some wired condition .. haha

8. After you upload the bar, it will automatically to fetch the version (For Android apps may have some problems on it , such as if your app is 5.0 on versionCode..), input the description about the new update!

9. Submit For Review! The update procedure is faster than before

10. You can check the status of your release version (Under Review / Draft)

*11. Also, check the download reports are much more easier and with better visualization

12. Check all your change requests (like request tickets before??)

13. Check your testers ... Oops , I don't even remember I have so many testers :P

14. The new Vendor Portal allows developers to create promotions here also!

Just a brief introduction of the new BlackBerry Vendor Portal.
I believe this is a very good news for developers and can help us for our future developing!

over 8 years ago

For developers who want to develop Android Apps / Games on BlackBerry 10..
After Google released the ADT 23, many developers encountered the problem of can't build projects...
This version of ADT also effects on BlackBerry Plug-in for Android Development Tools.

When user try to install the plugin via this link


Missing requirement: BlackBerry Eclipse Plugin for Android Development (net.rim.ajde.feature.feature.group requires 'com.android.ide.eclipse.adt.feature.group 0.0.0' but it could not be found

In version 2.0.4 (or previous 2.0 beta), developers just need to simply start the ADB proxy Manager, setup your device and then run as Android Application to deploy apps into their devices / simulators.

(Images from developer.blackberry.com)

What can we do without install the BlackBerry Plug-in for Android Development Tools??

The answer is easy... Just download the Command-line tools!!

For mac


For Windows


For Linux


After you download the file, you can see several files inside.
Open the "ADB Proxy Manager" and setup your device, just like what you did in eclipse!

Now you can go back to your development and don't need to worry about no eclipse plugin!!
Thanks for BlackBerry!

Keep Developing!

over 8 years ago

BlackBerry provide developers dev devices for testing since 2012
There are Dev Alpha A, Dev Alpha B and Dev Alpha C!

Dev devices not only provide developers a real phone for testing, but also let developers to use the latest SDK!

I'm so appreicated about the continuous support from BlackBerry on the dev devices!
Dev Alpha A can only upgrade to 10.1 beta OS, but Dev Alpha B & C can upgrated to the latest 10.3.0 beta OS!

Let's see how to upgrade your Dev Alpha Devices!

First, download the AutoLoader here, be careful to choose which device you are using!


Second, you need to find a Windows PC.. Currently the autoloader file only have Windows exe file.
And I tried to use VMware / Parallels / Virtual Box but all failed...

Third, connect your dev device to the PC, run the AutoLoader..

If the device be detected, you will see "Resetting Device:"

Don't forget to input the device password if you have it.

When the number shows 100, your upgrade is done!


  1. Before you use the autoloader, I suggest you install BlackBerry Link first


  1. To ensure devices be detected, I will turn off network connection of the device and make sure the USB connection is for Windows.

System Settings -> Storage and Access -> USB Connection -> Connect to Windows

Hope you all can easy to upgrade your devices! ^^

For those who want to try the latest 10.3 OS, here is a way to let you use most of the features of 10.3. Please take your own risk for trying this, I am not responsible for the damage of your devices.

  1. Install Dev OS.

  2. Download the extracted bar files from previous leaked OS


  3. Install download bar files!

  4. Enjoy it!

:D:D:D:D Simon

over 8 years ago

How To Squash ‘Unresponsive’ or ‘Unable To Terminate’ Errors When Debugging your BB10 App on Device


1) Restart your BB10 Dev Alpha, then turn Dev Mode on (take a few mins)

2) Kill the app manually via Momentics IDE I will show you how to quickly kill the app using the following steps. Follow along. (take a few seconds)

Open Target Navigator

Window - Show View - Target Navigator

Locate Device Process

Go Under Device Ip - Select Process

Send Signal To Application

Go Under Device Ip - Select Process - Right Click - Click Deliver Signal

Terminal Process/App Manually

Select SIGTERM option - Press OK

That’s it!

After you send the SIGTERM (Signal Terminate) your unresponsive app will disappear from the BB10 device. Success! Now, build (CTRL+B), deploy (CTRL+11) and test again.

over 8 years ago

2014/07/08, I received a mail from Scoreloop..

Termination of Scoreloop SDK License Agreement (the “Agreement”) & Shutdown of Scoreloop Services.


This is a huge impact for me and many developers...

Scoreloop provides a social leaderboard for Android, iOS and BlackBerry apps.
2011/06/07, RIM Acquires Scoreloop To Make BlackBerry Games More Social.
After that, BlackBerry also integrated Scoreloop SDK to their BlackBerry 10 SDK and provided samples for developers to use it.

I also integrated the scoreloop leaderboard into my "2048 using Scoreloop" on BackBerry 10.

But due to the mail, the total scoreloop service will shutdown on Dec 1,2014...
And also, BlackBerry 10.3.1 SDK will no longer include Scoreloop SDK
What a shock, and I feel very sad for this announcement..

How can we export the score data from Scoreloop?

How can we map the score data with user and move to another leaderboard?

And the last, is there any alternative leaderboard things on BlackBerry 10?

I only found two here... still trying but so far I think they may work.
If you have more, please let me know ^^

1. App42api


2. clay.io


Still hope BlackBerry can keep the Scoreloop service..

Let's find another way to keep our leaderboards alive :)