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Yesterday I saw an article about visual comparsion of iOS 8 beta and Android L from redmondpie


I started to think, why not add BB10 into the comparison?

After several hours hard working, I took screenshots on my BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry OS...

Actually many good features on BlackBerry 10 also be implemented to iOS / Android.
But until now, I still think BlackBerry Hub is the best notification center :D
And the Instant Preview on BlackBerry 10 provide me the best way to reply messages :)

All the images below are arranged via the order :

iOS 8 beta / Android L / BlackBerry 10.2.1 / BlackBerry 10.3.0
Thanks for redmonpie's images and ... Here we go!

1. Lock Screen

2. Home Screen

3. Dialers

4. Calendar

5. Calculator

6. Keyboard

7. Quick-toogles-control

8. Setting

9. Multitasking

10. LockScreen-quickReply


If you want to see more comparison, just leave a comment below :)


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-- Updated 2014-07-04 --
If you downloaded the sample project yesterday, you need to re-download the project.
This version fix the "applicationUI.hpp" can't be found problem.
And, don't forget this or your will got an erro of "cannot find -lSmaatoSDKDevice"
The Smaato static library included within the sample is from Smaato SDK for BlackBery 10 v1.1.2. To ensure you are running the latest, please download the latest SDK for Smaato's website and replace the SmaatoSDK folder within the project.

BlackBerry announced Smaato as their new Advertisement service partner on BlackBerry 10.
I've used Smaato in my apps for a long time (since 2013/10, after Jam Asia).

Let's see how to integrated Smaato SDK into your Cascades apps!

1. Read the introduction about Smaato!


2. Download the Smaato sample project from BlackBerry Github


3. Download the Smaato SDK


<1> You need to sign up or login first

<2> Go to SDK Download page

<3> Select BlackBerry 10 SDK and download it!

<4> Check the downloaded folder and extract the file "Smaato-SmaatoSDK-BB10-v1.1.3-2014-07-02-A.zip"

<5> Copy the "SmaatoSDK" folder and replace the SmaatoSDK folder within the project.

4. Build the project and see how the AD works!

5. Input your own adSpaceId and publisherId and check the advertisements in your apps!

That's it! Actually it is really an easy way to put Ads in your apps.
You can also add more filters/ restrictions to help they provide much more precisely ads for your apps.

Sometimes due to the fillrate or regional issue, you may not receive ads...
Don't worry, try to change the category of ads you'd like to show.

Enjoy this new AD Service on BlackBerry 10!

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Just use some simple steps can let you check debug messages!

  1. Open the main.cpp in your project. Only need to add two code snippets!

  2. First: Insert this before int main

    void myMessageOutput(QtMsgType type, const char* msg) 

    std::fprintf(stdout, "%s\n", msg);
    std::fflush (stdout);

  3. Second:Inset snippet after Application app(argc, argv);

  4. Here are the whole code snippets

    void myMessageOutput(QtMsgType type, const char* msg) 
        std::fprintf(stdout, "%s\n", msg);
    Q_DECL_EXPORT int main(int argc, char **argv) 
        Application app(argc, argv);
        // localization support
        QTranslator translator;
        QString locale_string = QLocale().name();
        QString filename = QString( "YourApp_%1" ).arg( locale_string );
        if (translator.load(filename, "app/native/qm")) 
            app.installTranslator( &translator );
        new YourApp(&app);
        return Application::exec();

Enjoy all your dubeg messages! ^^

almost 9 years ago

BlackBerry Z5 (Cappuccino) and Kopi (Kopina) are the devices which be cut off by BlackBerry.

Z5 (Cappuccino) planned to be the devices for low-end market.
Here are the spec of Z5

BlackBerry Z5: STB100-X

4.5"~300ppi Display
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 Dual-Core 1GHz CPU
1.3MP Front Camera,5MP Rear Camera
2100mAh Battery

Let's compare Z5 and Z10

Check the size of the screens, apparently Z5 can show more contents than Z10

BlackBerry Kopi: SQC100-X
3.1" Display
2100mAh Battery (as the same as Z5)

Let's compare Kopi and Q5 also!

Z30 VS. Z5 VS. Kopi

Kopi & Z5 & Battery (Front)

Kopi & Z5 & Battery (Back)

almost 9 years ago

Developing on BlackBerry 10 is very easy in many phases.
By Native C/C++, HTML5, Adobe AIR, or Android, developers can easily bring their apps to this new platform.

I like to create "Hybrid App" on BlackBerry 10, whichcontains HTML5 and the native Cascades UI Framework.
The reason why I choose using hybrid apps are because by HTML5 I can do some drawing things, and by Cascades framework I can make my apps have uniformed UI and also the awesome native APIs!

Basically hybrid apps are using webview to load html files, but how can we debug the HTML code when them be wrapped into webview?

The answer is very easy! Use the WebInspector!

  1. Check the QML properties of WebView component, checked the "Web Inspector Enabled".

  2. Next, you can simply connect your devices / simulator to the computer, open the browser and type:

For USB connection:
For Simulator of Wifi conection: IP + port 1337

  1. The view of connecting to webinspector

  2. Click into it and you can see the console!

See, is that easy?
Come and try to debug in WebInspector now :D

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Hi, This a demo post of Logdown.

Logdown use Markdown as main syntax, you can find more example by reading this document on Wikipedia

Logdown also support drag & drop image uploading ( required Beta / Premium membership). The picture syntax is like this:

Bloging with code snippet:

inline code

Plain Code

puts "Hello World!"

Code with Language

puts "Hello World!"

Code with Title

puts "Hello World!"

MathJax Example


Inline Mathjax

The answser is .

Table Example

Tables Are Cool
col 1 Hello $1600
col 2 Hello $12
col 3 Hello $1