almost 9 years ago

Developing on BlackBerry 10 is very easy in many phases.
By Native C/C++, HTML5, Adobe AIR, or Android, developers can easily bring their apps to this new platform.

I like to create "Hybrid App" on BlackBerry 10, whichcontains HTML5 and the native Cascades UI Framework.
The reason why I choose using hybrid apps are because by HTML5 I can do some drawing things, and by Cascades framework I can make my apps have uniformed UI and also the awesome native APIs!

Basically hybrid apps are using webview to load html files, but how can we debug the HTML code when them be wrapped into webview?

The answer is very easy! Use the WebInspector!

  1. Check the QML properties of WebView component, checked the "Web Inspector Enabled".

  2. Next, you can simply connect your devices / simulator to the computer, open the browser and type:

For USB connection:
For Simulator of Wifi conection: IP + port 1337

  1. The view of connecting to webinspector

  2. Click into it and you can see the console!

See, is that easy?
Come and try to debug in WebInspector now :D

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