over 8 years ago

Yesterday I saw an article about visual comparsion of iOS 8 beta and Android L from redmondpie


I started to think, why not add BB10 into the comparison?

After several hours hard working, I took screenshots on my BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry OS...

Actually many good features on BlackBerry 10 also be implemented to iOS / Android.
But until now, I still think BlackBerry Hub is the best notification center :D
And the Instant Preview on BlackBerry 10 provide me the best way to reply messages :)

All the images below are arranged via the order :

iOS 8 beta / Android L / BlackBerry 10.2.1 / BlackBerry 10.3.0
Thanks for redmonpie's images and ... Here we go!

1. Lock Screen

2. Home Screen

3. Dialers

4. Calendar

5. Calculator

6. Keyboard

7. Quick-toogles-control

8. Setting

9. Multitasking

10. LockScreen-quickReply


If you want to see more comparison, just leave a comment below :)


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