over 8 years ago

2014/07/08, I received a mail from Scoreloop..

Termination of Scoreloop SDK License Agreement (the “Agreement”) & Shutdown of Scoreloop Services.


This is a huge impact for me and many developers...

Scoreloop provides a social leaderboard for Android, iOS and BlackBerry apps.
2011/06/07, RIM Acquires Scoreloop To Make BlackBerry Games More Social.
After that, BlackBerry also integrated Scoreloop SDK to their BlackBerry 10 SDK and provided samples for developers to use it.

I also integrated the scoreloop leaderboard into my "2048 using Scoreloop" on BackBerry 10.

But due to the mail, the total scoreloop service will shutdown on Dec 1,2014...
And also, BlackBerry 10.3.1 SDK will no longer include Scoreloop SDK
What a shock, and I feel very sad for this announcement..

How can we export the score data from Scoreloop?

How can we map the score data with user and move to another leaderboard?

And the last, is there any alternative leaderboard things on BlackBerry 10?

I only found two here... still trying but so far I think they may work.
If you have more, please let me know ^^

1. App42api


2. clay.io


Still hope BlackBerry can keep the Scoreloop service..

Let's find another way to keep our leaderboards alive :)


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