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BlackBerry provide developers dev devices for testing since 2012
There are Dev Alpha A, Dev Alpha B and Dev Alpha C!

Dev devices not only provide developers a real phone for testing, but also let developers to use the latest SDK!

I'm so appreicated about the continuous support from BlackBerry on the dev devices!
Dev Alpha A can only upgrade to 10.1 beta OS, but Dev Alpha B & C can upgrated to the latest 10.3.0 beta OS!

Let's see how to upgrade your Dev Alpha Devices!

First, download the AutoLoader here, be careful to choose which device you are using!


Second, you need to find a Windows PC.. Currently the autoloader file only have Windows exe file.
And I tried to use VMware / Parallels / Virtual Box but all failed...

Third, connect your dev device to the PC, run the AutoLoader..

If the device be detected, you will see "Resetting Device:"

Don't forget to input the device password if you have it.

When the number shows 100, your upgrade is done!


  1. Before you use the autoloader, I suggest you install BlackBerry Link first


  1. To ensure devices be detected, I will turn off network connection of the device and make sure the USB connection is for Windows.

System Settings -> Storage and Access -> USB Connection -> Connect to Windows

Hope you all can easy to upgrade your devices! ^^

For those who want to try the latest 10.3 OS, here is a way to let you use most of the features of 10.3. Please take your own risk for trying this, I am not responsible for the damage of your devices.

  1. Install Dev OS.

  2. Download the extracted bar files from previous leaked OS


  3. Install download bar files!

  4. Enjoy it!

:D:D:D:D Simon

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