over 8 years ago

I used the old BlackBerry Vendor Portal for almost 2.5 years ago...
Few weeks ago, i joined the beta test of the New BlackBerry Vendor Portal, it is really awesome!!

Let's check what's new in the portal!


1. Welcome Page

2. Login Page

3. Show your products! Really Nice, now you can simply check your downloads per day :DDD

4. Search function here is also very cool! Easy for developers to find what they want

5. Please the release button to update your apps!

6. Click on "New Release" and all you need is to drag the bar file to the area

7. Select support devices and min OS. Easier here, in the old vendor portal, the selection will be changed in some wired condition .. haha

8. After you upload the bar, it will automatically to fetch the version (For Android apps may have some problems on it , such as if your app is 5.0 on versionCode..), input the description about the new update!

9. Submit For Review! The update procedure is faster than before

10. You can check the status of your release version (Under Review / Draft)

*11. Also, check the download reports are much more easier and with better visualization

12. Check all your change requests (like request tickets before??)

13. Check your testers ... Oops , I don't even remember I have so many testers :P

14. The new Vendor Portal allows developers to create promotions here also!

Just a brief introduction of the new BlackBerry Vendor Portal.
I believe this is a very good news for developers and can help us for our future developing!

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