over 8 years ago

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Amazon AppStore last month.

User who developed Android Apps and now upload to Amazon AppStore!

Let's follow the steps bellow to uplaod your apps to Amazon AppStore!

I like to Start from Testing Service, to make sure that my app doesn't have any problem on Amazon AppStore

After testing, you can simply submit your apps to Amazon Store

Login first

Fill In General Information

General Information Finished

Fill In Available Pricing

Available Pricing Finished

Fill In Description

Description Finished

Fill In Images & Multimedia

Images & Multimedia Finished

Fill In Content Rating _1

Fill In Content Rating _2

Content Rating Finished

Fill In BinaryFiles _1

Fill In BinaryFiles _2

BinaryFiles Finished _1

BinaryFiles Finished _2

App Submission Finished

Now you can wait for the approval and let others know your app links on Amazon AppStore!!


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