over 8 years ago

I write many android apps and want to bring them into BlackBerry World, how can I do it?
Basically I don't like to use the integrated tools in eclipse... so I decide to use commandline tool!

1. Download BlackBerry Tools for Android Development 2.0.4

For mac


For Windows


For Linux


The blackberry-apkpackager is located at BlackBerry_Tools_for_Android_Development-2.0.4/bin

2. Using blackberry-apkpackager to repackage APK fils to BAR files.

Orginal : The folder with APK files
Repacked : The fold with converted bar files.

imactekiiMac:~ imac$ blackberry-apkpackager Orginal -t Repacked

3. Using batchbar-signer to sign BAR fils..

imactekiiMac:~ imac$ batchbar-signer Repacked author.p12 passwd passwd

Very useful tools, enjoy!!


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