over 4 years ago

I love to code in Cascades, QML and C++ provide me many kinds of abilities to build my app!

QML really help me a lot, and the javascript based function also let me create my functions much more easier.

Yesterday one of my friend told me he felt frustrated in developing Cascades.
He just want to make a simple app: A button, click and show a dialog! in C++
After creating the QML components, he always got build error in C++...

This is really a simple project, but I think many developers may encounter this problem as well.

Basially I'd like to do all the things in QML since it is very easy to handle all the signals there...

I provided a sample on Github, you can try it if you are interesting about the topic.


In the sample you can learn how to make it happen in pure C++, hybrid with C++ & QML, and also the simplest way... pure QML

Be careful! Don't forget to include necessary headers and remember to add LIBS += -lbbsystem in your .pro file!

Hope this can you developers to understand how it works!


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