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Since Line is the most popular IM apps in Asia, let's see how Line works..
The problem is .... I can't type any English words in Line on my Passport!!

After upgrade to 10.3, all my English typing in Line will be changed to Capital forcely..
The only way to solve is to turned off the "Auto-Capialize" Setting here

Settings - Language and Input - Prediction and Correction

BUT!! Even I turn it off on my Passport, typing English in Line still has a problem
Check this video...


You can find that it showed only ONE alphabet no matter how many you typed...
Super wired... :(
Seems like a bug only for Line, I didn't meet this problem on other Android apps.

Wait and see if this will be solved in the future..

  • Update : Some users reported if use lower Line Version such as 3.8.8, it will work fine.
  • Update : Only Line has this issue.
  • Update : Using an Android keyboard is another way.. But I want to use BlackBerry Keyboard!
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