over 7 years ago

Last Friday I updated my iMac to Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), a nightmare for my whole weekend..

After upgraded, BlackBerry Link no longer recognize my BlackBerry 10 devices.
From Dev Alpha B to Passport.. Just keep showing "Can't connect to your BlackBerry 10 device, press restore.." etc

And then I tried to open my Momentics IDE...

What the....

I think the problem may be the USB driver or connection.
So I did some test.

  1. Reinstall Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

    Still has the same problem.

  2. Uninstall BlackBerry Link & Blend and reinstall them

    Still has the same problem.

  3. Only install BlackBerry Link

    Oh my God, it works!!

  4. I did more test, but in those tests, once you install BlackBerry Link first and then install the BlackBerry Blend, the connections will all fine!

  5. If you don't need BlackBerry Link, simply uninstall it and just use your Momentics for connecting your BB10 device to debug is also a solution.

    (But for me, I still need Link for backup/restore and Blend to type in Chinese... Can someone tell me why BlackBerry remove the Zhuyin input method on Passport!!)

Just a simple tips and work around for you guys may occur!

Happy Coding!

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