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  1. Add bb.multimedia 1.0 in qml file.

  2. Create a MediaPlayer Object.

  3. Set path of file for MediaPlayer. (Need permission for access_shared)

  4. Call the play() function of MediaPlayer. (Need permission Run when background if you want to play music in background).

BlackBerry 10 can support file format below:
AAC: audio/aac, audio/x-aac
AMR: audio/amr, audio/x-amr
FLAC: audio/flac
M4A: audio/m4a, audio/mp4
MIDI: audio/midi, audio/mid, audio/x-midi, audio/x-mid
MKA: audio/x-matroska
MP3: audio/mp3
OGG: audio/ogg
QCP: audio/x-gsm
SPMID: audio/spmid
WAV: audio/wav, audio/x-wav
WMA: audio/x-ms-wma

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