about 7 years ago

After BlackBerry released their first Android POWERED device -- PRIV
BlackBerry also released a PRIV skin for the Android emulator.

Since I am not a BB10 developer but also a Android devloper, it's time to go step by step for how to create the PRIV emulator!

  1. Download PRIV Skin from link below


  2. Extract the folder to \platforms\android-xx\skins

  3. On the Android Studio toolbar, click AVD Manager.
    Click + Create Virtual Device > Import Hardware Profiles.
    Import \platforms\andriod-xx\skins\PRIV\device.xml, where xx is the platform version.
    Confirm that the new device "PRIV" appears in the devices list. Press the Refresh button to refresh the list for PRIV to appear. It might be necessary to close Select Hardware (cancel), and click Create Virtual Device again in order to refresh the list.
    Select PRIV and then click Next.

Warning, I use Android Studio 1.5 and success. But in Android 2.0 I can't get the correct dpi and correct device skin.. Just for your reference, I will try after 2.0 version exit preview stage.

Now, you can check the PRIV emulator!


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